Road to Eagle

Some scouts will choose to advance to the highest rank in Scouting, the rank of Eagle Scout. This signifies their demonstration of Scouting skills, a commitment to community, leadership, and active participation in the troop. But it all begins with the first step…becoming a Scout

The Rank of Scout is the first rank a new Troop Member will achieve. It signifies that you know the basics about the Scout Oath and Law, the Patrol Method, and how the rank structure works. Basic skills like proper knife use and a few knots are also required to become a Scout.

The ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Scout are primarily focused on skills. Things like First Aid, Cooking, use of Camp Tools, Hiking, Navigation, Swimming, Fitness, Citizenship, and Leadership. At the beginning, a Scout is learning by being shown or assisting a more advanced scout with tasks. By the time a Scout achieves First Class, they are teaching other Scouts the skills and demonstrating their mastery of the skills to adult leaders.

Star, Life, and Eagle ranks focus on being actively involved in leadership positions within the troop. There are many opportunities for leadership, from Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader (the most Senior Scout position) to Chaplin and Webmaster. It is at this point that merit badges become very important. Achieving the “Eagle Required” badges, along with a number of “elective” merit badges is required at each of these ranks.

Finally, to achieve the rank of Eagle, you must organize yourself and others to do a Service Project, approved by the Scoutmaster, the Committee Chairman, and the Council.