Author: Quinten


The scouts went up to Maverick. It was a lot of fun! On Saturday, they made an amazing breakfast with sausage and eggs. After flags, they split up into patrols and played some games. One station was Pokémon Go with a compass. Then, they went to do a good turn by helping with the service […]

Flag-X Campout

This was an amazing campout. The scouts had so much fun climbing in the trees. Flag-X is a climbing course with zip lines, rope courses, rickety bridges, and so much more. At Flag-X there are 5 different courses that connect to each other. Black is the hardest of them all and we had a lot […]

Geronimo Campout

The scouts went to Geronimo for a week. It was lots of fun, The food was great and everyone enjoyed playing Gaga Ball. They had Shooting Sports, Aquatics, Horsemanship, and Art and crafts merit badges. Ext. It rained for a while, but thanks to great planning, no one got too wet. It was really rewarding […]

Grand Canyon Campout

The Troop went hiking in the Grand Canyon on Bright angel trail. Some of them went all the way down to Indian Garden. It was hot out but because of our excellent planning, we had lots of water and stayed cool. Overall it was really fun with a great view from down in the canyon […]