Past Events

Lake Pleasant

The scouts went up to Lake Pleasant to go kayaking. It was so much fun, some people learned that their tent was not good enough for the rainy weather. It poured a lot, and we had a little skunk visit us during the rain. While out on the lake It started to rain and we got off the water onto an island and waited for the rain to stop. Then we went back to the campsite and went on a hike. We saw lots of wildlife while on our adventure. Then we got dried off and ate dinner.


The scouts went up to Maverick. It was a lot of fun! On Saturday, they made an amazing breakfast with sausage and eggs. After flags, they split up into patrols and played some games. One station was Pokémon Go with a compass. Then, they went to do a good turn by helping with the service project, which was clearing out the trees and fallen debris from the path. After a long day of work, they went back to a delicious meal with pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a turkey cooked in a box. It is a tradition to cook a turkey in a box every Maverick. On the way back from camp one of the parts on the trailer broke but because a Scout is always prepared we had a spare part and fixed it.

Flag-X Campout

This was an amazing campout. The scouts had so much fun climbing in the trees. Flag-X is a climbing course with zip lines, rope courses, rickety bridges, and so much more. At Flag-X there are 5 different courses that connect to each other. Black is the hardest of them all and we had a lot of people finish it! After a long day in the trees, we went back to our campsite and ate an awesome meal that each patrol cooked. We had our golden spoon award that went to the Green Bar patrol they made an amazing cheesy kielbasa.

Geronimo Campout

The scouts went to Geronimo for a week. It was lots of fun, The food was great and everyone enjoyed playing Gaga Ball. They had Shooting Sports, Aquatics, Horsemanship, and Art and crafts merit badges. Ext. It rained for a while, but thanks to great planning, no one got too wet. It was really rewarding at the end of the day to go to the campfire and watch skits or cooking competitions. Overall all the scouts had lots of fun and it was a great time

Grand Canyon Campout

The Troop went hiking in the Grand Canyon on Bright angel trail. Some of them went all the way down to Indian Garden. It was hot out but because of our excellent planning, we had lots of water and stayed cool. Overall it was really fun with a great view from down in the canyon and good food.

R-C Spring Campout

This campout was largely designed to give the new scouts a chance make new friends in our Troop and so they can see kind of how things work on a campout. We did a 6 mile hike on the Highline Trail, then came back and everyone learned some Scout skills – even the Adult Scouts!

Urban Bike Ride

On December 4th, the troop went on an urban bike ride through town. Lots of people came and rode around a designated route. People had lots of fun before, after, and during the ride.